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Welcome to the Legislative Panel’s Blog!

Welcome to the new blog for the Maryland Library Association’s Legislative Panel.  This is a project of the 2009-2010 Legislative Officers:  Mary Baykan, Mary Hastler and Natalie Edington.

As grassroots advocacy becomes even more vital, we hope that this will be a place for Maryland’s libraries to go to find information on federal and state legislation and issues with impact on Maryland’s libraries.

 This summer, we conducted a survey on Capwiz.  Several participants recommended an improvement in disseminating information on legislation and issues before and after encouraging advocacy for libraries.  We hope that this blog will help us to meet this goal.

To better keep up with updates to the blog, try signing up for an RSS feed, such as through Bloglines or Google Reader.

Stay tuned as we continue to share information and customize the blog, as well as incorporate other Web 2.0 tools.

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