FY 2011 federal budget includes IMLS cuts, ILTSL uncertainty

The American Library Association (ALA) Washington Office has examined the FY 2011 budget, which is scheduled for a vote on Thursday.  They found two disappointing items: 

  • IMLS cut – The Institute of Museum & Library Services (IMLS) was cut by $28 million, bringing the total funding down to $237.8 million.  It is unknown where within IMLS these cuts will be made.
  • ILTSL – The Improving Literacy Through School Libraries (ILTSL) program is not listed in the budget bill (HR 1473).  This means that the Department of Education will have 30 days to submit an operating plan or expenditure for school libraries.

No amendments are expected to be introduced before Thursday’s vote and the bill is expected to pass.  At this point, the strategy of the ALA Washington Office will be to focus on maintaining or increasing funding for libraries in the FY 2012 budget.

Thank you to everyone who took action to advocate for library funding in the FY 2011 budget.  Grassroots efforts will be even more important as debate begins on the FY 2012 budget.  Further updates will be posted to this blog.

For additional comments, please see the District Dispatch posting.

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