Advocacy Alert! Reposition the State Library Agency and Strengthen Maryland Public Libraries!

Your advocacy is needed to build support for SB0587 and HB1094!

Maryland Advisory Council and Maryland Association of Public Library Administrators are sponsoring a bill to reposition the administrative structure of the State Library Agency (DLDS) within the Education Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland.  This bill is the result of more than 10 years of careful consideration, conversations, and debate among public libraries and library support groups.

If passed, the bill, SB0587 with cross-file HB1094, will allow the State Library Agency to have a more articulated vision and the flexibility to meet the needs of public libraries and the communities they serve. Talking Points are available to give more details and background information.

Your advocacy is needed! Please take the time to contact your legislators and ask them to strengthen Maryland Public Libraries by voting for SB0587 / HB1094. Use the pre-written letter available to contact your legislators. Feel free to add to the message using the Talking Points or to personalize it with your story. Check the Senate bill and House bill and be sure to thank any of your legislators who have co-sponsored the bill. You can also see if your elected official is serving any of the committees that will be hearing the bills in early March–Senate Budget & Tax, Senate Education, Health & Environmental Affairs or House Ways & Means.

Take Action Now!

Thanks in advance for any advocacy you can provide!

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