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Changes to Social Media for ALA Washington Office

From the District Dispatch (

The American Library Association is making a few changes in the social media world. To make sure that social library supporters receive ALA news from the entire organization, ALA leaders are going to share news items and updates from two main social media profiles. Effective this week, the ALA Washington Office will begin to share social posts on the flagship ALA Twitter (@ALALibrary) and Facebook accounts. We encourage all librarians and library supporters to follow and ‘Like’ the two social media profiles, since we’ll continue to share library policy news on those channels.

This means that we will discontinue the @ala_wo and ALA Washington Office Facebook profiles for general news posts, but keep them active for live-tweeting events and other similar occasions. Advocates can still keep up with Washington news that affects libraries by following the main ALA profiles at @ALALibrary and on Facebook. They can also subscribe to the District Dispatch blog via email or RSS, continue to follow the ALA Washington on tumblr, Pinterest or flickr or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Free Webinar – The Fiscal Situation in Washington – And How it Gives Librarians a HUGE Advantage

The American Library Association (ALA) Washington Office is offering a free webinar on Wednesday, November 13th, 4-5pm. Despite Congress’ lack of popularity, libraries have a huge advantage. Learn how to use that advantage to avoid setbacks and even make great strides forward. Advocacy resources being developed in response to an ALA Washington Office survey will also be reviewed. Registration for this webinar is available online.

ALA Washington Office wants your input on library advocacy

The American Library Association Washington Office (ALA-WO) would like to find out what you need to be a better advocate. What topics are important to you? What resources or assistance do you need to deliver effective advocacy messages? What are the barriers to advocating? ALA-WO wants to know! They are working with Stephanie Vance, the Advocacy Guru, to find out what would how best to help you with your advocacy efforts.

To help ALA-WO, please take the survey. The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete. The deadline for responses is September 15, 2013.

Thanks in advance for your input!

Webinar video available: Fiscal Cliff & Impact on Libraries

Still trying to figure out the fiscal cliff, how it impacts libraries or what you can do about it? Then watch the video of the informative January 17th webinar on those very topics. The slides are also available.

Free Webinar – Fiscal Cliff & Impact on Libraries

Congress averted the fiscal cliff for now, but what does that mean for libraries? How can we speak up for libraries? You can find out this and more on Thursday, January 17th, 4-5pm during a free webinar entitled “The Fiscal Cliff, the 113th Congress and You – How What’s Happening in DC Might Impact the Library Community.” Offered by the American Library Association Washington Office, this webinar will discuss the fiscal cliff, sequestration and other issues facing the 113th Congress, their impact on libraries, and what we can do to speak up for libraries. For more information and to register, please see the webinar announcement.

113th Congress session opens on January 3rd

Last Thursday, the 113th session of Congress opened. For Maryland, there was one new elected official going to Washington, DC. Congressman John Delaney will be representing the 6th District. This seat was formerly occupied by Congressman Roscoe Bartlett.

If you’re wondering how to connect with your representatives or what issues the 113th Congress may consider, you may want to check out the webinar video “Election Update and Connecting with the New Congress” from the American Library Association Washington Office. See the District Dispatch post for details on how to access the video, slide deck and handouts.


Free Webinar – Election Update & Connecting with the New Congress

If you would like a recap of the 2012 elections, a preview of what library issues may be considered during the 113th Congress, and some ideas of how to connect with and influence members of Congress, this webinar is for you! Sign up for the “Election Update and Connecting with the New Congress” webinar being held on Monday, November 19th from 4:00-5:00pm, and sponsored by the American Library Association Washington Office. Click on this link for more information, including a registration form.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, you can use Capwiz to congratulate legislators who won in the elections (and help to put libraries on their radar). If you’re new to Capwiz, this is an easy way to try it out. Not sure who won? Check the election results on the Maryland State Board of Elections web site.


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