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Free Webinar – Election Update & Connecting with the New Congress

If you would like a recap of the 2012 elections, a preview of what library issues may be considered during the 113th Congress, and some ideas of how to connect with and influence members of Congress, this webinar is for you! Sign up for the “Election Update and Connecting with the New Congress” webinar being held on Monday, November 19th from 4:00-5:00pm, and sponsored by the American Library Association Washington Office. Click on this link for more information, including a registration form.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, you can use Capwiz to congratulate legislators who won in the elections (and help to put libraries on their radar). If you’re new to Capwiz, this is an easy way to try it out. Not sure who won? Check the election results on the Maryland State Board of Elections web site.


Free Webinar: Making the Election Connection

The American Library Association Washington Office is offering a free webinar on Wednesday, September 26th, 4-5pm. Learn how libraries can encourage engagement in the elections and make a difference at the polls. See the registration page for more details and to register.

General Election Results

Find out who won in Maryland’s General Elections on November 2nd.  Maryland’s election results are posted on the Maryland Board of Elections’ web site for state and local offices and ballot questions, as well as Maryland’s representatives in Congress.

Webinar video available online – Libraries & the Elections: How You Can Be Involved & Make a Difference

The video of the ALA Washington Office webinar, Libraries and the Elections: How You Can Be Involved & Make a Difference, is now available online.  (See an earlier blog posting  for a program description.)  Go to the District Dispatch posting to view the video.

Primary Elections Results

Wondering who won in the Primaries?  Check out the Maryland Board of Elections web site for the election results from Maryland’s Primary Elections on September 14th.

Webinar – Libraries and Elections: How You Can Be Involved and Make a Difference

The ALA Washington Office will be offering a webinar entitled “Libraries and the Elections: How You Can Be Involved and Make a Difference” on Wednesday, September 15th, 4-5pm.  Find out how to get involved and ensure that candidates at all levels of government understand the importance of libraries.  For more details, including a link to register, see the District Dispatch posting.

MD elections to bring in many new legislators; governor race in dead heat

These Gazette articles give some insight into the upcoming elections:

State Election Candidates final; many incumbents challenged

July 6th was the last day to candidates to file to run for the upcoming state primary and general elections.  Many of the incumbents, including those in leadership positions, are facing challengers in the primary and/or general elections, with the most potential for turnover in the House of Delegates.

Candidate lists are available:

  • State Candidates – Includes a list of all candidates for state offices.
  • Local Candidates – Also, of possible interest, a list of all candidates for local government offices.

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