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Senate Appropriations Committee passes appropriations bill with funds for school libraries & LSTA

On Wednesday, the full Senate Appropriations Committee passed the Labor, Health & Human Services, Education FY 2012 Appropriations bill. The bill includes funding for school libraries and LSTA. See the District Dispatch posting for details.

Again, please thank Senator Mikulski, who voted for the bill, for her support of libraries in this bill. You can either call her office at 202-224-4654 or use Capwiz to send a message.

Subcommittee passes bill with funds for school libraries & LSTA

Good news! The Labor, Health & Human Services and Education Subcommittee voted on its FY 2012 appropriations bill.  The bill passed and includes funding for school libraries and LSTA. See the District Dispatch posting for further details.

9/21/2011 UPDATE: Many thanks to everyone who contacted the Senator!  Mikulski did vote for the bill.  (Votes were along party lines.) Feel free to thank Senator Mikulski for her support via a phone call or using Capwiz!

Action Alert! Contact Mikulski to increase LSTA & ILTSL funding

On Tuesday, the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies Subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee will vote on funding for the Library Services & Technology Act (LSTA) and Improving Literacy Through School Libraries (ILTSL) program. Apologies for the late request, but there is still time to contact Senator Mikulski, who serves on this subcommittee, and ask for her support. Personalize your message by telling how these funds help you and/or your library. For more information on how LSTA funds are used in Maryland, see this document.

Mikulski did sign a Dear Colleague Letter in support of LSTA and ILSTL funding for FY 2012 in June.  (See the earlier Legislative Panel’s blog post.)  However, this vote will be for specific funding amounts. See the message below from the American Library Association Washington Office for more details, including how to use Twitter to send a message to subcommittee members.

Thanks in advance for any advocacy efforts!

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Senate committee increases Appropriations funding for GPO

The Senate’s Legislative Branch Appropriations bill that passed on Thursday has an increase in Government Printing Office (GPO) funding over what was included in the House committee’s bill, the District Dispatch reports. The Senate bill provides $116.8 million, while the House bill includes $108.1 million.

Many thanks to everyone who contacted the Senators to request this increase!

Advocate for Libraries at a Town Hall Meeting

Members of Congress are on recess in August and are likely to have town hall meetings in their districts.  The resolution for the debt ceiling crisis will cause budget cuts and it is important to make sure libraries do not have to endure any of those cuts. Take advantage of these town hall meetings to stress the importance of libraries.  For more information on what to do at a town hall meeting, see the District Dispatch posting.

IMLS releases budget plan for FY 2011

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) released the specifics of its budget based on the total funding allocated in HR 1473, the bill that will fund the federal government through the end of FY 2011.  Some of the funding items are:

  • IMLS received $237.8 million in funding.  It lost $28 million in funding, plus another $16 million in earmarks.
  • The Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) will be funded at $189 million—a $24.5 million cut.
  • The Grants to States section (state population-based grants within LSTA) will be funded at $160 million–a $12.5 million cut.
  • The Laura Bush 21st Century Library Professionals program was cut 47.7% to $12.8 million.

As we move on to the FY 2012 budget, it will be very important to express the importance of funding for libraries.

For more information, including an allocation table , please see the District Dispatch posting.

Libraries receive flat funding from state for FY 2012

The Maryland General Assembly approved no change to the per capita funding for libraries as part of the Budget Reconciliation and Finance Act (BRFA).  This translates into another year of flat funding for Public Libraries, Regional Libraries and the State Library Resource Center (SLRC).  Because the per capita funding is based on population and real property wealth, individual library systems may notice a slight change in their funding amount, but it will otherwise remain the same.

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