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FY 2011 federal budget may impact government resources

The ALA Washington Office, based on a report from the Senate Committee on Appropriations, has identified some additional cuts to the FY 2011 budget that impact government resources used by libraries:

  • The Library of Congress (LOC) received a cut of 2%, or $13.4 million.  This will require a hiring freeze and potential delays in services and products.
  • The Government Printing Office (GPO) will be flat funded at $135.3 million and should be able to maintain existing operations.
  • The General Services Administration (GSA) was cut by almost $1 billion.  No decisions have been made yet, but this cut could reduce their e-government funding for sites such as

For more details on these cuts and their impact, see the District Dispatch posting.

Now is a great time to invite members of Congress to visit Maryland’s libraries to see firsthand what libraries do.  Additionally, grassroots efforts will be even more important as debate begins on the FY 2012 budget.  Updates will be posted to this blog.

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