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Action Alert! Ask Congress to support PATRIOT Act reforms; House & Senate bills pass out of committee

HR 1800, which was just introduced last Friday, passed out of the Judiciary Committee today with no amendments.  This bill would reauthorize the “John Doe” wiretap and Section 215, or “library provision,” until 2017, as well as make the “lone wolf” provision permanent.  It would allow for very little oversight of government authority in these areas for the next six years.  For more information on HR 1800, see the District Dispatch posting.

S 193 is the Senate bill which is more favorable for libraries and public privacy.  It passed out of committee in early March, but has not been voted on yet by the full Senate.  For more information on this bill, see the District Dispatch posting.

The USA PATRIOT Act is set to expire on May 27th.  It is not clear if and when HR 1800 or S 193 may make it to the floor for a vote.  Regardless, it is important to contact members of the House and Senate now to support PATRIOT Act reforms.  A Capwiz Action Alert has been set up, with a pre-written letter, to facilitate contact with Congress.

Thank you in advance for any advocacy assistance you can provide!

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