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Feb 11th is The Day We Fight Back: A day of action on surveillance and privacy reforms

Today, Tuesday, February 11th, the American Library Association (ALA) Washington Office is asking library supporters to participate in “The Day We Fight Back.” Thousands of websites will host banners will promote a major call to action to urge Congress to pass major reforms to our surveillance laws. ALA supports this effort because of the library community’s long standing commitment to privacy, starting with the protection of patron library records.

To call or email your Congressional legislators, visit “The Day We Fight Back.” You can also use ALA’s Capwiz Action Alert to call your legislators to urge them to vote for reforms such as those in the USA FREEDOM Act (S 1599 and HR 3361) and other reform proposals. Just go to Capwiz and click on the Take Action button below “Ask Your Senators and Representative to Co-Sponsor USA FREEDOM Act.” Background information and a list of co-sponsors of the USA FREEDOM Act are also available with the Capwiz Action Alert.

For more information, see the announcement on the District Dispatch.

Thanks in advance for taking action today!

Action Alert! Ask Your Senators and Representative to Co-Sponsor USA FREEDOM Act

Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) has introduced a bill, the FISA Improvements Act, that also addresses NSA spying. ALA does not support this bill as it would codify the worst aspects of bulk data collection.

The USA FREEDOM Act is a stronger bill and continues to garner bipartisan support in both chambers. See the Capwiz Action Alert to get more detailed information and to contact your Senators and Representatives. Please also thank Congressman Cummings for co-sponsoring the bill.

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